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Powder Room Flare


At BGD, we always want to push our clients to go outside their comfort zones. An area where we usually are able to do so is in the powder room. We like to provide options of unique and bold wallpapers, we like to find distinguished antique pieces that can be turned into a vanity and design ornamental sinks characteristic of the style of the home. All of these allow the clients to step outside their box stylistically that can contribute to the home in a functional but fun manner.

Displayed are examples of powder rooms we designed for completed projects.  The over styles of these homes was across the board from traditional, transitional, farm house to contemporary and industrial, the powder room in all of these homes somewhat digressed from those styles but ultimately contributed in adding the "flare" the client felt comfortable with! It is fun for us to think up the alternative ways to adding these unique elements to the already established design and client taste and coming out with a successful end result that the client is always surprised and happy with. 

jennifer robinson